Wonder Movie Review

Wonder is a beautiful, heartfelt movie about a young boy, Auggie, with a facial deformity. The movie is an adaptation of the award-winning book. When Auggie starts his first day of middle school, he starts to realize that school might not be as wonderful as it seems. Filled with heart-wrenching drama, the movie starts with the hard reality that sometimes, different people are treated as inferior.  Whether they are ostracized from the group or have people being outwardly mean toward them.

The acting was superb. I am pretty sure that throughout the movie, my eyes welled up at least six times. All the emotions were encapsulated beautifully. This movie not only captured Auggie’s perspective of the world but showed the struggles of the other characters throughout. One of the other, important perspectives shown is his older sister, Via’s who is having a tough time adjusting to high school.

The production of this movie was top notch. Everything from the effects to the acting was stellar. We highly recommend watching this beautiful and tear-jerking movie if you have not done so already.  

Co-written by Ananya Gupta and Olivia Collins

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