December 6, 2023

The Student News Site of
Garnet Valley High School

By Angie Marren

What am I interested in? It is very hard to pick just one thing; I could choose soccer, lacrosse, travel, or photography. However, one thing sticks out in my mind when I think about my interests… golf. The game of golf is something I am very interested in that others may find interesting too. One main reason that golf interests me is because to be good at golf, one does not need to rely on physical attributes like being bulky, tall, or incredibly fit; he or she just needs to understand the game and practice. Anyone can play golf, as it requires simple wrist and body movements, and the game is primarily a mental one. How one plays can depend on his or her mood as well as his or her outlook on the game. Though most have the ability to play, that does not mean practice is not required; in fact, how much one practices really does show when playing the game. As a result of continuous practicing, a person’s swings will be better, he or she will not have to think about the movements when hitting the ball, and the experience of playing golf will overall be a lot more enjoyable. Additionally, the amount of places one can travel to play different golf courses is amazing: Hawaii, Mexico, Bora Bora – just about anywhere. The idea of traveling the world, playing golf, and taking the time to see the beautiful views is very enticing.  Finally, I find interesting the different ages and circumstances that people play. When playing football, baseball, soccer, or any of those other sports one requires a minimum of two teams and will eventually have to quit/retire due to age; on the other hand, the game of golf has no age limit, and a golfer can play by his or herself or with family, business partners, friends and/or strangers. Golf is a game anyone can play for the rest of his or her life just about everywhere he or she goes; it is a game people are never too young or old to play which is mainly why I find the game of golf so captivating.

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