Journey on the Wrestling Team

Managing the wrestling team. How did Taylor Nickson start?

Wrestling has been a part of Taylor’s life since he moved to Garnet Valley in the first grade. His brother joined the wrestling team because one of his friends in his class did it through BYC, so, naturally, Taylor was dragged along to every single meet and tournament. As a little kid, Taylor hated the sport. It took away his free time, and no matter what Taylor did, he was always bored; he would run out of activities and have to sit there in the smelly, gross gym and frequently bug his mom.

When Taylor’s brother was in seventh grade, he was able to join the middle school team. Taylor still had to go to meets, but they were not as bad. In fact, he really enjoyed them. That was partly due to the fact that Taylor was a little older, wanted to attend the wrestling matches to cheer on his brother, and also partly because he had a crush on one of the male members on the team. 

It was not until tenth grade that Taylor became a part of the wrestling team by becoming a manager. His parents encouraged him too, saying it would look good on resumes and on his transcript. Consequently, Taylor joined. The other manager, Rachel, was a senior, and not only would she be graduating that year but was also starting a nursing job at Neumann University; she was gone when the wrestling team had meets and tournaments. Taylor had to learn quickly since he was going to be on his own to lead the team, but nonetheless, it was fun. Going to the wrestling tournaments at six in the morning was tough and not even a little bit enjoyable, but cheering the team on, excitingly writing down pins that happened under a minute, and even running the table were great experiences and a lot of fun.

As a manager, Taylor actually received a Varsity letter, which made a great joke with his brother only being JV. During this most recent year, two freshmen joined the team, and Taylor has been training them by the book in order to help them be as successful as possible. Wrestling takes up a great deal of Taylor’s time, but members on the wrestling team work hard for their wins. If students get a chance, they should certainly consider or even go watch the wrestling team, even if they know nothing about wrestling. Any student will have a great time, even if he or she knows little about wrestling itself. 


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