Love at First Sight: A Brief Attraction Or An Everlasting Connection?

Hurrying to the office, John, anxious and worried, dropped his papers on the ground. What will I do, he thought to himself, sweat dripping down his forehead. Hands shuffling around the mess, John shut his eyes, trying with all his might to not think of all of the horrible consequences he could possibly suffer.

“Would you like some help?” A voice, sweet and clear, like the river running across pebbles, questioned. Almost instantly, John looked up to find himself staring at a tall, fine-limbed woman with a curtain of ebony cascading down her shoulders; her eyes, jade with a hint of sapphire, looked down at him softly. John tried to answer, but only a small squeak could escape him. Her smile brighter than the sun’s, the woman simply threw back her head and laughed before kneeling down to put John’s documents back in order. Mezmorized, John’s gaze didn’t flinch from the beauty even once…

Love at first sight: A term describing a romantic attraction the moment one looks at another for the first time. Unsurprisingly, the idea has sparked much debate for many years now. Some say love at first sight is merely lust that will eventually wear off over time, while others state that love at first glimpse is the birth of a deep, abstract connection that will last a lifetime. I think the most relevant opinions are ones that come from the dawning generation-my classmates and me…

Yes, I do believe in “love at first sight”, but love is a word too strong to describe it because the most profound and infinite love is developed over time.

Take Romeo and Juliet for example, a tale highly regarded as the greatest love story to be told; a young man and woman of two feuding families meet at a party, and when they finally meet, the former tells the latter he’d like to kiss her lips, and they get married in secret after the party, thus beginning a timeless tale of love and tragedy. Romeo and Juliet is often the first example of love at first sight that comes to a person’s mind, but frankly, a scenario like this is completely unrealistic in the name of love. Romeo and Juliet want to be together forever before they truly got to know each other, contrasting true love in the real world. In our day, the strongest romance is built in layers, like the perfect dessert. However, the initial attraction can develop a deep connection in the future…

As I stated earlier, many people will argue that love at first sight is a shallow attraction that will disappear in a flash. While some instances do happen to favor these people’s ideologies, others have gone the opposite direction. For example, a man and woman meet and are interested in one another immediately. One of the two persons asks the other to meet for coffee and they get to know each other and the attraction between them deepens. Two years later, after a relationship filled with ups and downs, the man takes his partner to her favorite beach and gets down on one knee, a diamond ring in his hand. Tears of joy stream down the woman’s face. In this case, two people are quite charmed with each other during their first meeting, hence taking the time to get to know one another, thus pursuing a relationship that only strengthens over time; a mutual attraction can lead to a love that will last forever.

According to, most relationships that immediately begin after the two meet without them getting to know their new partner’s personality, have a very low chance of actually staying together. Whereas, relationships where the two people involved slowly begin to understand each other, are more likely to stay together. In fact, the website also states that relationships built on an initial appeal are the most successful.

In the end, the most passionate romances begin over time, and some of those connections grow from a tiny seed of attraction.




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