The Hobbit by J. R. R. Book Review

The Hobbit is a classic that no one should miss out on. It is a brilliant, thrilling story of adventure and described in detail the growth of one’s character, proving that the real meaning of life is the journey rather than the destination. The adventure and the places the characters travel to are always breathtakingly written, as they lead the reader along languidly without a dull moment ever taking place. Once the action element of the novel calms down, the personality of each character shines through and the reader’s understanding of who the characters are changes as he or she learns more about them.

The main character, Bilbo Baggins, is a quiet reclusive man (hobbit) who while at first is unwilling to go on the adventure, throughout the book, his mindset changes and transforms him into a more complex, courageous person. The book is beautifully written and refuses to be put down as the imagery Tolkein used makes one feel as if he or she was travelling through middle earth. The ending was bittersweet and left the reader’s heart pounding because he or she knew the journey with the characters had come to an end. The Hobbit is recommended to anyone who loves adventure and has a heart for both excitement and beauty.

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