Bad Magic by Pseudonymous Bosch Book Review

Best selling author of The Secret Series, Pseudonymous Bosch has out done himself with the first book of his new series, Bad Magic. Bad magic follows the story of Clay, the younger brother of a main character from the aforementioned Secret Series. After his older brother seemingly disappeared two years prior, the reader finds Clay as a skater-inspired kid about to enter the seventh grade. That is, until the school’s production of Shakespeare’s play The Tempest occurs. Things begin to go downhill from there as Clay is wrongly accused of the graffiti done outside his teacher’s language arts room. In order for him to return to the seventh grade, his teacher recommends he go to a summer camp called Earth Ranch: a camp for troubled kids to reconnect with nature on a private island.

Everything from there in the book is for the reader to discover. Bosh’s series, including Bad Magic, is wonderfully extensive, and this type of continuation of the universe was executed perfectly. Even though the reader knows the character and the change in setting if he or she rereads Bad Magic, the story was fresh and did not feel forced. The novel was both exciting and satisfying and tied along well with the rest of the series. 

The first series that comes before Bad Magic is recommended for reading in order for readers to understand some of the smaller plot points and the ending, but Bad Magic can be read as a stand-alone. Even though it is fiction, the characters, settings, and emotions feel very real; instead of the typical valiant hero, readers are given this story about a child, nervous and confused, as he goes through what seems like complete nonsense as well as surprising, appalling experiences. The novel Bad Magic is a lighter read, so although it will not take much of one’s time, it will have he or she running to the store to grab the next novel.

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