We Are Okay by Nina Lacour Book Review

We Are Okay by Nina Lacour is an intriguing novel that pulls the reader in by its captivating cover and meticulous content. This story really pulls one in and allows one to experience and live life through someone else for a period of time; it also contains various unexpected events, and by the end of the novel one will feel as if he or she really knows and understands the characters. The book We Are Okay centers around Marin, a college student who decides to spend her winter break at school rather than returning home. Her best friend comes to stay with her and makes it her mission to figure out why Marin choose to stay back from all the usual holiday festivities. There are some unexpected twists and turns in the book that thoroughly explain Marin’s decision. While this novel may not appeal to everyone due to its style and realistic genre, it is certainly a book worth reading. 

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