December 6, 2023

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A startlingly enchanting tale, Sirens is a novel that truly captures the miraculous age of the Roaring Twenties. Set amidst the glamourous buzz of 1920’s New York City, the author Janet Fox is able to encapsulate the fabulous familiarity of a man named Jay Gatsby and magnify the progression of feminism during this era through the main character, Josephine Winter. Jo is expressively committed to growing into an independent woman, free from societal standards, and making her mark on the world like the literary types lurking through the Upper East Side that she so idolizes. This heartwarming coming-of-age tale is also paired with romance and mystery. After Jo is swept off her feet by the city and the glamorous life that her cousin, Melody, has to show her, talk of marrying Jo off lingers. Jo would much rather spend her time with her love interest, Chris, a waiter from the Algonquin Hotel, than draped over some overconfident bootlegger. Jo embodies the atypical teenage girl, desiring more from life than just material things. The secondary character, Lou, is the mole of one of the most powerful bootleggers in the city, and she is wonderfully unashamed of doing what she wants. The relationship that boils between Lou and Jo is one of solace and peace, but it simultaneously offers Jo secrets into the world of bootleggers—-secrets that may secure her and her family’s safety. Fox’s wonderful prose combined with a fantastic drama offers everything the reader could want. Sirens is definitely recommended for anyone who enjoys a strong-female lead, a murder mystery, and several budding romances.

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