December 6, 2023

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Quentin Jacobsen, formally known as Q, is a regular, average senior high school student. Already he has a specific plan for his future life—graduate, go to college, get a well paying job, and start a family; however, this visions only lasts until Margo Roth Spiegelman, his mysterious, captivating neighbor, moves in. As kids, they shared many experiences and time together, including the time they found a dead body. On the other hand, as time went on, and the two friends grew older, they started to hang out less as Margo wanted to do things that went against Q’s morals.

Q spent a lifetime admiring Margo, so when she opens his bedroom window asking him to join her on ‘the night of his life’, how could he say no? The all nighter ends and soon Margo is gone. Q’s desperate search to find Margo leads him into doing things he never would have thought he could do before. Q almost misses prom, lies consistently to his family and friends, and goes into abandoned buildings. Following clues left by Margo, he is determined to find her, but Q soon realizes he is no longer looking for Margo, or the girl who went to school and was popular, had a boyfriend, and then disappeared. He was looking for the real Margo he knew and loved.

Paper town takes place in the quiet town of Orlando, Florida. Whether Q finds Margo or not, he discovers how far love can push someone. The witty banter led by his friends allows the journey to be much more captivating for the reader and Q’s journey a more enthralling experience. With John Green’s amazing writing style and diction, one can insure that the read will always be worth it.


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