Call Me by Your Name by Andre Aciman Book Review

Is the Garnet Valley community looking for something new different to read from the typical reading tastes? A book that will keep one hooked with each turn of the page? Call Me by Your Name is an erotic yet brilliantly beautiful novel by Andre Aciman about an eccentric love story that will forever change the word “romance”. The story takes place in Northern Italy in a small town where Elio Perlman, the main character, resides at his summer house with his parents, Mr and Mrs Perlman. It is the summer of 1983, and every year, the Perlman’s open up their home for a visitor to come and stay for 6 long weeks, and this year that person is Oliver, a doctoral student who is studying abroad. Over the course of these 6 weeks Elio develops strong feelings for Oliver and how he shows these feeling through love, lust, and sexuality. This book teaches one about the true meaning of romance and how to embody it as well as a few fascinating facts about philosophy and apricots which are two topics talked about frequently in the book. Not only is this book a major motion picture with a percentage of 98 by Rotten Tomatoes, but it was also nominated for 3 Golden Globe Awards and has already won a Lambda Literary Award for gay fiction. This novel truly is inspiring and has the power to open readers’ minds about love and how it is expressed.

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