NERVE Book Review

I read the book “NERVE” by Jeanne Ryan. This book is Fiction but the way it is told makes you feel as though it could be real. Here is a short summary of the book. Vee is a young girl in her senior year of high school.  She has always been known as quiet and the basic “goody two shoes.” Her friend Sydney, on the other hand, was the one in the group who was always at the center of attention. As for her other friend, Tommy, he was like Vee except he was fine with being unseen. Sydney, as cliché as it sounds, got all the guys. But more specifically, she got Vee’s dream guy, Matthew. But what happens when Vee gets the opportunity to play a game called NERVE?  NERVE is known to be like truth or dare but minus the truth. When playing NERVE, you can either be a watcher or a player. Watchers are the people who follow the players around to record videos of the dares they perform. Players are the people who participate in the dares to win cash, prizes, and the game. Vee decides to step out from Sydney’s shadow and show everyone how daring she really is. So just like that, Vee signs up for NERVE as a player.

After Vee is introduced to the game and plays a couple of dares, she gets introduced to the devilishly handsome Ian. She then gets partnered up to play with Ian after they completed the dare that first sparked their interest in each other. The two set off to take home the grand prize, and win the game. As the story goes on, Ian and Vee get to know more about each other and find themselves falling for one another. Their romance makes them the watchers’ favorite team, which certainly gets them far in the game. Except suddenly these harmless dares turn deadly. As Vee and Ian make their way to the final rounds, they soon meet the 3 other couples that will stop at nothing to win the game and prizes. Ian and Vee soon find themselves aiming guns at other competitors, while everyone has their guns toward them. Suddenly the lights go out and shots are fired. What happens? Who wins? Who lives? Will Ian and Vee become something more? Will things ever be the same? Read NERVE to find out!

If you know me, you would know I’m not much of a reader.  But this book is easily my favorite. This book is one of the few books I would read for fun in my spare time, which is really saying something. This book was such an easy read, mainly because of the world you entered after you read the first chapter. This was the first book that I read that was so intriguing and exciting that I just got lost in it (and I don’t mean confused). This book was the perfect mix of romance, adventure, and thrill which is what kept me wanting to read more. Even if you have seen the movie version of this book, I would still highly recommend reading this. I watched the movie version of this book and absolutely loved it. But after reading the book and seeing how the movie and book differ, it really makes it difficult to decide which is better. The reason it was so difficult to decide is that both the book and movie have such different plot twists that bring shock, and sometimes relief. This book was truly a page-turner.  As soon as one dare is complete, you find out what Vee’s next dare is, and you keep reading to find out how that one plays out. I think Jeanne Ryan did an awesome job creating clear vivid scenes for the readers to see, as well as building characters you root for and against. While she also did an amazing job with keeping the reader interested in the plot. So this book really was one that was difficult to put down. In the end, I really enjoyed reading this book, it was such a great read an amazing story.

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