Three Junes Novel Book Review

Three Junes is a three-part book all tied together in one novel and occurs throughout three different summers. The various summers take place several years apart from one another; the first summer is six years before the second summer and the third summer is four years after the second summer. Each summer is narrated by a different family member of the McLeod’s.  The first summer is narrated by the father named Paul, the second summer by one of his three sons named Fenno, and the third summer by a woman the father encounters during his trip to Greece named Fern. Three Junes is filled with love, family, deaths, new beginnings, and friendship throughout and is comprised of little things that end up becoming bigger at the end of the story. In the first summer, Paul takes a trip to tour Greece which is his way of trying to get the death of his wife out of his head. In Greece, he ends up meeting a woman named Fern who the reader sees again during the last summer of the novel. The father, Paul, passes away which is what leads to the second summer in the book; his death causes his three sons to return to their father’s hometown. This period of the novel is where Fenno meets Fern, the women who once attracted his father. Fenno was unaware that she meant so much to his father until they got to know each other, and Fern ends up leading the novel into its third summer which revolves around Fern and how her life is in the present day. The reader finds out that she is pregnant likely from her involvement with Paul, and guilt sets in when she realizes that maybe she made an awful mistake leaving Paul all those years ago. I recommend this book to my peers because through each summer, the novel continuously pulls the reader in. The main themes and topics throughout the story, such as love, friendship, and family all make one want to keep reading. I definitely recommend the novel, Three Junes, because it is a great, easy, and enticing read.

Reviewed by Sophia Antignani


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