Book Review- “Carry On” By Rainbow Rowell

By Maya Bendezú and Ananya Gupta

Carry On is a fantasy novel written by Rainbow Rowell. Other works of hers that you may be familiar with are Eleanor and Park, Landline, and Fangirl. If you have read the book Fangirl, then you already may be familiar with the characters and the universe introduced in Carry On. However, you don’t need to read Fangirl in order to understand the plot and content of the story- it can act as a standalone novel as well.

This wonderful Harry Potter-esq book encircles the life of wizard Simon Snow, his best friend Penelope Bunce, and Basilton “Baz” Pitch. Their escapades involve a strange evil force named the “Insidious Humdrum” that sucks the magic out of areas in England, leaving them dry and suffocating to wizards. I believe that this book is an excellent read, filled with plot twists, adventure, and romance. I do consider it a true literary masterpiece, the mere mention of it should spark an urge within you to run to the Rachel Kohl Library, procure this beautiful book, and read it like there is no tomorrow.

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