2017 Holiday Gift Ideas

It may be shocking to some that the holiday season is already upon us; while this time of year is often associated with family, cheerful music and decorations, and warm nights bundled in blankets, it can often be stressful when one is unsure of the perfect gift to give. Whether it is a loved one, a friend, a coach or teacher, or anyone in between, hopefully, the following list will make your inevitable shopping trips a little easier.

Your parents will love…

  • A framed family photo
  • A warm blanket to make them comfortable during their TV binges  
  • A holiday-scented candle
  • A kitchen or office supply you know they’ve needed for months
  • A Fitbit or similar device (for the active parent)
  • A book you know they’d love
  • A watch, gloves, jewelry, or similar accessories
  • A handmade gift from the heart (it’s the thought that counts!)


For the teenager (whether it be a sibling, friend, or relative) …

  • That one makeup item she’s been hunting for
  • Slippers, socks, or warm pajamas
  • A portable speaker
  • A purse or bag you know she’d love
  • Gear and equipment specific to the sport they play
  • A portable speaker (Bluetooth!)
  • Apparel with their favorite team
  • Technology (like a drone, a smartwatch, or a professional camera)
  • Art supplies to inspire the creative friend
  • Room decor or posters
  • Headphones, phone chargers, or a new phone case
  • A handmade gift (again, the thought that counts!)


For when you really don’t know what to buy…

  • A gift card to a store they love
  • Delicious desserts (even better if you make it yourself)
  • A box of chocolates
  • A decoration for their home
  • A trending book
  • Soap or a candle
  • A planner or journal
  • A unique mug or water-bottle
  • A board game, card game, or puzzle
  • Cooking supplies they probably don’t already own (for example, an ice cream maker)


Hopefully, these lists offered some ideas perfect for your lucky gift-receiver or inspired you to think of a better present. There are still a few more weeks to brainstorm before the holidays are upon us, but regardless, happy shopping!


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