December 10, 2023

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Join Chess Club Today!

by brandongorski
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Chess has been a game for clashing minds since the 6th century; it is a game of concentration and clever maneuvers. If you want to test your skills in chess, you should join Garnet Valley’s chess club; they meet on E days in Mr. Nguyen’s classroom. In this club you get to play chess against other students, and also get advice from Mr. Nguyen and other players on how to become better yourself. Enter the club’s tournament bracket in order to compete against the other members, and try to become the best. In this club, players improve by polishing their skills against others throughout frequent games, and even the losses provide something new to learn. They play different types of chess, like blitz chess, where you have to win in a set amount of time. Join the chess club today, and enjoy meeting new people and improving your skills at this classic game. 


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