Recent Student Council Trip to the Red Lion Area Senior High School

The student council at Garnet Valley High School attended a field trip to a state conference at Red Lion Area Senior High School. They experienced the voices and inspiration of three guest speakers. As they talked, they spread important messages useful to building up their own student council and spread ideas to the students who were present. Three themes they spoke about over a range of 3 days had directly impacted and improved how their own council worked. “Becoming greater than your fears” was the first theme posed in the conference. The second day they had attended, they were exposed to the theme “turning negatives into positives.” The third day revolved around becoming inspired. These messages hung above their heads and motivated them to improve and live by these themes.

After they heard the speakers, they presented workshops to large audiences. The students that presented workshops were Arjun Manjunath, Brendan Sweeney, Samantha Cooper, Christine Palmer, and Vikas Rana. Some presented individually, but three of the students presented as a group.  Arjun Manjunath presented a workshop titled There is Always Room For Acceptance and Brendan Sweeney presented his workshop titled Ice Working Heroes. The three peers, Samantha Cooper, Vikas Rana, and Christina Palmer, presented the workshop titled Teamwork Makes The Dream Work. From this experience, they took away important lessons able to be applied to multiple different scenarios. The Garnet Valley High School Student Council had an experience like no other, one they were extremely fortunate to attend and learn from.

Students who attended:


Arjun Manjunath


Christine Palmer

Vikas Rana

Scott Lehrfeld

Madelynn Lederer

Lauren Bagley


Samantha Cooper

Julia Kinnee

Tori Clayton

Joe Slomowitz

Lindsay Radisch


Brendan Sweeney

Wendy Lam

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