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Canned Food Drive 2017!

by GVHSJagJournal
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It is that time of year again for the annual canned food drive!  This year’s collection will take place from November 13th-17th.  Cans will be collected during enhancement throughout the week, similar to last year.  This year, we will be instituting a new form of counting the cans.  Each teacher will have two papers taped to the inside of the door; one will be a table to count the number of cans- which works by putting a tally for each can during the day and point value of the can- and the other will be a guide for the point values assigned to each can.  It would be greatly appreciated if the teachers tape these two papers to the doors of their classrooms. If there are any can values that you are unsure of please use your best judgement or leave a note and StuCo will take care of it.
This year StuCo is asking that donations of baby food be limited; due to a surplus of baby food at the food bank it will only be worth 1 point, and we encourage other food donations.  The goal for this year is to raise 17,000 points through can donations, and the teachers of the team that raises the most points will be treated to a breakfast Monday morning by StuCo.
To conclude, StuCo is also looking to borrow any carts and cardboard boxes to aid in collecting the cans; if any teacher would kindly lend StuCo his or her cart or teachers have boxes to donate, please let StuCo know.
Happy Collecting!

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