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Being an Artist at GVHS

by GVHSJagJournal
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By Kaitlyn Farrelly

Here at GVHS there are many art courses you can take as well as a number of clubs. While some of the clubs include Art club, Murals club, and Photography clubs, while electives offer courses such as Exploratory Art, Drawing and Painting, Sculpture and 3D-Design, Art Seminar Portfolio- A and B, AP Studio Art, and Pottery. As you can tell, there are so many options for someone either looking to become an artist, or simply to appease an artistic desire here at GVHS. These classes help students recognize that everyone is an artist in some kind of way, even if they have no interest is art.

Art comes in many forms and the way we choose to express ourselves each day is one of them. Many of the art electives that are offered are a lot of fun. I truly would highly recommend every student at GVHS tries at least one art elective in their four years of courses. Who knows you could have a special talent you don’t even know of yet, or spark an interest in one of the categories of art you never thought would interest you—Maybe you’d even find a creative side to you that you didn’t even know existed! A lot of people assume the art electives are similar to the mandatory art classes everyone had taken in elementary and middle school, or that they’re just drawing and painting, but they’re much different. Here in high school, there’s so much more freedom; you can choose whichever art elective you want! In each one, there are many options for you to express your talents/skills you might not have even known you had. The teacher gives you the main idea of what they are looking for from you, and from there it’s all on you. It’s all your choice—hat you want to focus on, how you want to show that to others, and what you want your specific piece to say. As you can tell by all the aforementioned electives, each one is a different type of art, which isn’t just drawing and painting. Another bonus is that by taking electives and joining clubs you might not usually go for can help you meet all kinds of new people. Maybe you already know some of the people, but you didn’t know they enjoyed some of the same things as you, or the talents they have. It all can be discovered in an art club or elective!

Our school webpage has all the art clubs and electives listed, so take a few seconds out of your day and look over the lists for at least one you’d want to join, and just go for it! I promise you you’ll find something about yourself you didn’t know, you’ll meet new people, and really enjoy your time in the program.

Edited by Megan McGarrey

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