Garnet Valley Football

By Noah Wham

The Garnet Valley football team has always been great throughout the years, and this one is no exception The varsity football team is big this year, with around 90+ students playing. Being a unity/teamwork based sport, all know how to help each other. Such a spirit of helpfulness is what makes them so good. Every year the team grows both spiritually and physically, bringing surprises to the field, the students, and the opponents.

Garnet Valley is a great school to go to because the football games are always fun. Over a thousand people come to support the Garnet Valley football team as they face some difficult challenges to overpower the other team. This football team has made it to states an immense amount of years. They had been Central League champs for 5 years, battling long and hard for what they have accomplished. The football team practices everyday to put on a good game for us all. Seniors and juniors mainly play in games, which means sophomores usually don’t get much playing time (as for most football teams). While we lose great seniors every year, the upcoming seniors and juniors are a force to be reckoned with.

Edited by Megan McGarrey

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