The Online Academic World

High school is difficult for everyone, but imagine trying to juggle school work with a sport that takes up to 30 hours every week. Many people at Garnet Valley have a huge amount of athletic training along with long days at school and mountains of homework every night. Speaking from personal experience, I can say that trying to balance everything can be extremely difficult, and maybe more than can be handled alone. Going to school everyday, to the gym at night, and trying to somehow find time for homework, sleep, and a social life is a struggle. For me it was just too much to handle and I knew something needed to change, but the change would not involve the sports I play.

I knew that a friend of mine switched from regular school to full time online school so he could have more time for sports, and I thought that might be a good option for me. I looked into it and found out that I could do part time online school and part time regular school. The mix of online school and regular school gives me all I need in that it allows me to have social interactions and real life teachers, but I can also get my work done whenever it is most convenient for me. I would definitely recommend looking into the part time online school for anyone in a similar position.


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