Social Media around the World

With all the Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram raiding our lives, one must wonder… which of these platforms is the most popular?  At first, the answer that we would probably all turn to is Twitter, given how in the last year or so, many people have turned to the platform to express their thoughts, ideas, and feelings. However, the answer to the great Social Media question displays other results…

According to World Economic Forum, Facebook is the most popular social network in 119 out of 149 countries (including the United States) that social media strategist Vincenzo Cosenza has surveyed since 2009. Teenagers would have thought otherwise, as we are most likely to be found on Snapchat and/or Instagram. Despite the constant worldwide use of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are shown to have some presence in the rest of the world. The former is used by many citizens in Japan, whereas the latter is quite popular in countries such as Mozambique and Iran; none of the previously mentioned platforms have presence in China, as they are all blocked in most areas of the large country. Instead, the most popular social media is an app called “Q-Zone”, where users can write blog posts, share videos, and listen to music. How cool is that? In addition, the business app, LinkedIn, has many users in African countries such as Algeria, Sudan, and Egypt.  Russia also has a very popular app that most of us have never heard of: VKontakte, or “VK”. The app has the same features as China’s “Q-Zone”.

At this point, one can understand that Social Media dominates our world culture today, and the compulsion we have towards social networks will likely grow over time.


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