Transitioning From Middle to High School

Recently, about 430 of us freshmen have made the huge transition from middle school to high school. The transition has been more or less difficult for some, as we have all had very different experiences. Entering high school is a huge change and opens up numerous friendships and opportunities. Friend groups alternate immensely, school work becomes more difficult, and grades start to become extremely important, but these things do not stop us from having an awesome high school experience.

   This morning I talked with Kaitlyn Henning, a freshman who has recently transitioned from being a middle school to a high school student this September. When asked about the transition and her experience, Kaitlyn says, “The first week was overwhelming, but now I am liking it much more because I am more comfortable.” One of the main differences she discusses with us is the amount of work and tests between middle school and high school. Kaitlyn addresses, “The periods are longer so we cover more ground in a day which makes the tests much more frequent.” I like high school much more and I know that Kaitlyn agrees with me. When asked which school she liked more, she said “high school because there is more freedom and I am treated more like an adult. I also feel like I am being prepped for life better”.

   High school has also brought some very big and sometimes unexpected changes for myself and other freshman. At the high school, there are so many more people to talk to and hang out with. Due to having classes with upperclassmen and not just the people in your grade, it is easier to make friends with new people you have never met before. Kaitlyn Henning also shares her views about the social freedoms you have in high school. “Socially, I enjoy being able to choose my enhancement with my friends. I like being able to have some time where I have the freedom to hang out with the people I know well, but then later I am also able to hang out with new people during the day and in some of my classes.”

   Personally, I have found that high school is much more accepting than middle school. It may be the people here or the atmosphere, but all students are different from one another. Walking through the halls I see so many different types of people that are unique and interesting in their own way. In high school, everyone is able to be friends despite their differences, and it is so much more accepting and diverse than middle school. The transition this year has not been overly challenging for me and I am looking forward to a great four years here at Garnet Valley High School.

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