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Garnet Valley Women’s Soccer Scores Big this Season

by GVHSJagJournal
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This season for the Garnet Valley Women’s varsity soccer team has most definitely been one crazy rollercoaster. Currently, our overall record is 4-8-2. Our specific central league record is 3-4-1. Our biggest win of the season was against Conestoga when we won 5-3. They were the number one team in the league and our win made Conestoga drop to the number two spot and made Penncrest the number one team in the league. It may have been a big loss for them, but it was a big win for us. On the contrary, we have also had some tough losses against teams that we were predicted to beat. Even though we have not been winning every single game, being a part of the program has been a very fun experience. This is my first year in the program and I can not wait for many more years and memories to come. Personally, being a part of the varsity team has allowed me to make new friends, challenge myself, and learn new things. I interviewed a senior on varsity, Lauren Cipollone to show how amazing Garnet Valley Women’s soccer truly is.
How long have you been in the program for?
“Four years.”
How did you feel when you first started the Garnet Valley Women’s soccer program?
“I was excited to get closer to people from every grade and learn from the older girls on the team while playing a sport I loved.”
How do you feel this being your last year?
“I’m sad to physically part ways with an amazing group of girls, I think we’ll always be in touch, but it won’t be the same as hanging out and chatting.”
What is your favorite thing we do at practice?
“I loved playing the games that the coaches came up with, it was a fun way to put our skills to the test.”
What is your favorite memory?
“My favorite memory is the banquet. It’s a bittersweet kind of feeling; you get to relive all of the best, funniest, most heart-warming moments of the season, but you’re saying goodbye to an amazing group of seniors each year.”
What do you do that gets you ready for a game?
“My pre-game ritual is typically just listening to my music on the bus on the way to an away game.”
What is your favorite team ritual?
“I like the team sleepovers and the team bonfire we do every year. It’s a good chance to get closer to the other girls and a chance for free food.”
Do you think playing soccer has helped you in school (social and academically)?
“Playing sports helped me hone my time management abilities and gave me the opportunity to interact with girls that I might not hang out with on an otherwise regular basis.”


Edited by Megan McGarrey

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