The Grove

A first job is always nerve-racking. You never know who’s going to like you and who isn’t, or what the rules and regulations are. Plus, you have no idea what to expect regarding the actual work. This is why you want to pick a job that has a safe and fair environment, which values the time and energy you put into it; a place that pays you properly for the work that you do; a place where you can meet new people from all backgrounds and create strong bonds that will last a lifetime. One of these places, the one I am describing, is Maris Grove Retirement Community. Maris Grove or, “The Grove” (as me and my friends like to call it), is one of the best first jobs a teenager can have. The hours are flexible, everyone there is your age, and the managers understand that you’re a teen who has a life outside of work. Plus, the application process is simple and not intimidating.

Sports, band, babysitting, academics, and getting enough sleep are just few of the many aspects of high school life which all students deal with. Teen workers are humans too, and have a plethora of issues in their personal lives. While some managers don’t understand these issues, we are lucky that the ones at Maris Grove do. They were once kids in high school, and understand what it is like to balance a busy schedule; they make it easy for us to do so too. All we have to do is pick the days that we work, and if something comes up that day, we must either find coverage or call out if it’s an emergency. Sick days or family emergencies do not count as call outs, and if you call out more than three times a month (which is rare), it will result in you getting a written warning. Finding coverage is easy because many of the people you work with are looking for shifts to pick up, and if they know that you covered for them before, then they will most likely work for you when needed.

When first starting to work at Maris Grove, you have an orientation day: probably one of the most nerve-racking days in your life thus far. No one knows what to expect, and new workers normally don’t know anyone. This panic will soon wash away when you meet the employee who will train you throughout the first few days. You will soon know how to do your job flawlessly, help residents, and answer questions new workers have. There are many positions that you can apply for at Maris Grove, one of which is in the dining services department as a server. As a server, you take food and drink orders from the resident and enter them into the POS Machines, which sends the order to the kitchen. Other types of jobs one could do within dining services include bussing tables or being a runner: taking the food from the kitchen out to the residents.  At the end of the night, you will clean the silverware, napkins, plates, and placemats, then clean and set up your section that you had for the night to prepare for the next day. The average times that an employee goes home on weeknights is between 7:50 and 8:30, but that can vary depending on how many tables are in your section, how long the residents stay seated, and if you have your set-up supplies or not. While that may sound somewhat long, it goes by very quickly when you’re working. The other positions you can apply for are permanent hostess or café, but from my experience, those jobs aren’t has fun as waiting tables. As a server, you get to bond with the residents of Maris Grove and have actual conversations with them. Most of the residents are the sweetest human beings you may ever meet.

The atmosphere and energy at Maris Grove is very positive, and while it seems strange to say this, I sometimes look forwards to going to work. There are ups and downs at any job, but the ups overpower the downs here. This job is one of the best because you can meet new friends while making money. These reasons and more are why myself, and many others believe that Maris Grove is the best place for a first job.

By Ava Kerns & Nick Cervino


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