GV Football And Their Impressive Start

The Garnet Valley Jaguar Football team has gotten off to a great start. After the first four games, Garnet Valley was right where they wanted to be. The team knew that working on the little parts of the game could have a detrimental role in winning more. Once Garnet Valley played Strath Haven, they made the exact statement they wanted to make. With a big boom, Garnet Valley won the game 42-14, the highest scoring game of the season. However, the Jags did not want to stop there. The team knew that they would have to continue making big steps in order to achieve great feats. The big game was against Haverford, who had previously beat Marple 35-0. The Jags prepared for that game the same way as any other game in order to have maximum success against the Fords. When it was game day, the Jaguars were more than ready. Although Haverford had strong-willed players, Garnet Valley was able to use their advantage of having more people, therefore preventing cramping and fatigue. The Jags dominated in a 28-13 victory. Another big game was coming up just the week after, with the Jags going against the Tigers, with their D1 quarterback, Paoletti. The game went back and forth and was one of the most exciting games in Jag’s history, moreover due to Garnet Valley’s second-half team. They continued to “Ground and Pound” against the Tigers’ defense while Garnet Valley’s defense had very key stops. Last Friday, Garnet Valley took on Harriton and got yet another victory. With the homecoming game coming this weekend, the Jags are working hard to prepare. 

By Jake Erleyfootball

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