Getting Involved: How Do I Become A Martial Artist?

Karate is a sport for everyone! Whether old or young, small or tall, karate is inclusive for
all ages. I started karate nine years ago, and I currently train at Lion Force Martial Arts with my karate instructor, Master Coleman. Karate has helped me become a stronger and better person through teaching me integrity, concentration, perseverance, respect, obedience, self-control, humility, and what it means to have an indomitable spirit. I discovered the sport when my friend invited me to a buddy night; I was allowed to participate in a class and train with her. After the class, I was captivated and signed up with my sister immediately. That is not the only way to get involved with karate, however! It is easy to try out a class any day of the week.

Once enrolled, it is recommended to attend a class at least twice a week. Students
begin as white belts and climb the ranks in the following order whilst learning the mentioned attributes: white, orange-white, orange, yellow, green, purple, blue, brown, red, red-white, red-black, and black belt! Black belts are encouraged to continue their training and begin the next cycle of training to achieve their master’s degrees. An individual does not become a martial artist once he or she obtains a black belt, however. As soon as one commences his or her training, he or she has endeavored on the path of being a martial artist.

By Cassandra Novakis

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