Stress Relief Advice

Students seem to face a lot of stress on a daily basis. Insecurities bumble around in a person’s mind. Students strive to be perfect in society’s eyes. Getting into a good college, planning a good future, and maintaining relationships and friendships all add up to form big challenges in daily life. In these cases, when us students are so overwhelmed, we tend to feel a lot of tension and stress. Here are some tips on how to manage that stress effectively.

One app that we find effective for dealing with stress if I find myself submerged in my thoughts is the Calm app. This app uses different breathing exercises to try to relax its users. It creates a calm environment by playing soothing noises. There are different meditation settings, such as anxiety, sleep, stress, focus, emotions, self-care etc. If you have problems sleeping there are stories that are scientifically proven to relax your mind and body.

We suggest putting a positive quote or a relaxing background for the lock screen or wallpaper of your phone. For instance, a picture on the lock screen that says “enjoy every moment.” This reminds you to stay positive and not worry about the little things that won’t matter in the future. In general, we don’t realize how much time we spend looking at our lock screen. We tend to check the time every so often. A positive reminder can play a role in making you feel a little more upbeat.

Journaling is something we both do religiously. Journaling allows you to play all the things in your mind on a piece of paper. This can be incredibly relaxing as the emotions are not bottled up inside of you anymore. On a particularly bad day, you can tear up that piece of paper and see your thoughts break into smithereens.  Keeping a journal also allows you to go back in time and see what you were like before and how you have changed since then.

In conclusion, people struggle with juggling their everyday responsibilities. This is the main factor of stress. We hope that you can use these tips to help relieve stress. 

Written by Ananya Gupta and Olivia Collins

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