December 6, 2023

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Garnet Valley High School

The plays put on at Garnet Valley go above and beyond for every performance. The talent on stage blows people away and moves them.  Yet behind all of the acting, there are a group of students that do not get recognized as much.  The crews.  Stage crew and Tech crew run the stage during the night of the performances, from the light shows to the microphones to every piece of scenery on stage.  All of this is managed by a small group of students.  Being in stage and tech crew is something that is not paralleled in other activities at the high school.  I am in the tech crew, but although stage and tech crew are separated in their jobs and names, Crew becomes one group, with hundreds of hours spent at the school building, designing, practicing, and rehearsing. The friendships that are made are strong which is why we all love what we do. Though we might not like being at the school all the time, we have a great time while doing it.  The crew is a great place to learn something new and to meet new people.  It is a fantastic way to get involved in one of the best activities that happen at the schools, the plays, without having to act or get on stage.  I have been in it all four years and I have made close friendships with people in crew and actors in the play, it has been easily my most enjoyable activity at the high school and though the recognition for work is low, the satisfaction for the job we do is over the top.  We can always use new members, and no matter what talent or previous experience you have, there is always a place that we can use you.  I have enjoyed everything about the crew and will miss it and the theater family when I move on from Garnet Valley.

Zachary Smith

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