December 6, 2023

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Garnet Valley High School

On March 9th through 11th, the GVHS Drama Club performed Gypsy, starring Valentina Girabaldi (Garnet Cast) and Megan McGarrey (White Cast) as Rose, Meghan Arters (Garnet) and Annie Tunstall (White) as Louise/Gypsy Rose Lee, Cara Greco (Garnet) and Alicia Bartosik (White) as June, Evan Vandenbrul (Garnet) and Josh Szkotak (White) as Herbie, and Mason Miller (Garnet) and Benjamin Mascioli (White) as Tulsa.

Now the Drama Club is preparing to stage their next show, In the Heights by Lin-Manuel Miranda, which is set to be performed on May 4-6. The show is set in the Washington Heights neighborhood of New York City and follows the lives of Usnavi (Mike Jones), Vanessa (Cara Greco), Abuela Claudia (Valentina Girabaldi), Benny (Ben Mascioli), Nina, Camila, and Kevin Rosario (Meghan Arters, Rylee Hall, and Patrick Stoyer), Sonny (Ben Murphy), and Daniela (Cecelia Mitcheli).

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