Pennsylvania Junior Academy of Science Competition

Over the weekend, three of our Garnet Valley students competed in the Pennsylvania Junior Academy of Science Regional competition. All three young women walked away with 1st places for their research and presentation. They will be moving onto the state competition held at Penn State Univerisity in May.

These were the students and their research projects:
Natalia Orlovsky:  “Electronic Cigarette Vapor and the Induction of the Xenobiotic Response in Human Lung Epithelial Cells”
**Natalia also won a perfect score on her presentation! 
Kaitlyn Moore: “A Statistical Analysis of the Effect of Caffeine on Lumbriculus Variegatus”
Kelly Moore: “The Effect of the Reaction of Ethanol and Acetaminophen on Liver Catalase”
It should be noted that these young women took it upon themselves with very little assistance to construct, research, and perform their experiments!
Thank you for recognizing their hard work!

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