December 2, 2023

The Student News Site of
Garnet Valley High School

Are you feeling sick to your stomach? Is your throat feeling sore and dry? If so, you may have come down with the Garnet Valley Plague. The plague was first noticed around two weeks ago when many classes were almost half empty. A good friend of mine, Todd Silberglied, said he first noticed the plague when Mr. Longo asked what was going on with the attendance numbers.

How should Garnet Valley go about getting people back up to health? Some believe that the school should be empty and disinfected, while others argue that students who feel sick should just not come into school. The most probable solution at this point would be to just practice good hygiene and health habits. Try washing your hands after going to the bathroom, although you should be doing that anyway. Try staying away from people’s hands, mouth, and nose- although that can be hard for high schoolers to do.

Stay safe and healthy, Garnet Valley.   

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