A Safe Space for Garnet Valley

A Safe Space for Garnet Valley

It’s quite fortunate that in today’s society that people are, by in large, accepting of other’s differences. Despite certain remaining prejudices, Garnet Valley School District has become a safe haven for social acceptance. The Gender and Sexuality Awareness club (GSA) has started a campaign involving their new “Safe Space” stickers. Their president Brianna Boccuti had more than 50 stickers made so that the teachers of Garnet Valley High School could request one to put on their door. When a teacher places a safe space sticker on their door it means that they support the LGBT community, and would stand up for a student if they were bullied about their gender or sexuality. The safe space stickers will hopefully provide a supportive and accepting environment for students unsure or questioning in Garnet Valley. The CDC had recently taken a nationally representative study on students in America from grades 7-12 that found that adolescents in the LGBT community were more than twice as likely to attempt suicide than their heterosexual peers. Frightening statistics like this one has caused some students, like those in the GSA, to make a difference in their community, to act instead of stagnating, and to make a conscious effort towards equality.


*Ms. Owens supporting the Safe Space stickers*  IMG_5395.PNG

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