December 6, 2023

The Student News Site of
Garnet Valley High School

As school begins to settle down for the first week back since the beginning of 2017, clubs and activities are steamrolling ahead to meet their time restraints for performances and shows. The High School’s Concert Band is performing on Friday, January 6th, and will include a crescendo of musical pieces like the American Barndance, a musical splendor that increases tempo throughout the show up until its final peak. The concert lineup also contains a sad piece about a World War Two veteran who was the only surviving member of his division, and he wrote the Evening Tide through the use of his sounds and thoughts as he mourned in a cemetery. The concert will also include The Rakes of Mallow, Mountain Thyme, and the Keystone. It is expected to be a fantastic performance, and the band hopes to see you at 7:00 pm, 1/6/16.

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