Garnet Valley Science Olympiad

The Garnet Valley Science Olympiad team had its first invitational meeting in Washington, DC. At the National Cathedral School, students attended the event and competed in various scientific subjects that SCIOLY.pngthey had been studying, since the start of the club in September. Despite a somewhat lack of participation, Garnet Valley’s top aspiring scientists scored considerably well amongst the other competing schools. The school scored in the top 10 for the following events: Anatomy and Physiology, Chemistry Lab, Dynamic Planet, Ecology, Forensics Investigation, “Game On,” Hydrogeology and Microbe Mission. Furthermore, team members Erik and John medalled in 3rd place in the Chemistry lab; additionally, Reena and Veronica medalled second in Anatomy and Physiology and medalled first in Microbe Mission. If club members of the Science Olympiad team could not attend the invitational competition, they are still required to take the practice tests for their subjects they had been studying. Students in the club will continue to prepare for future invitational competitions and the regional competition at the end of winter. Hopefully, the Garnet Valley High Science Olympiad team will perform well enough to qualify for the state competition in the spring. Keep your fingers crossed Garnet Valley.  

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