GVHS Health Fair

It’s that time again, GVHS hosted its annual health fair. Like every year, they bring in people from different organizations to talk and teach Garnet Valley students. They invite people from local organizations and they try to make it relevant to student lives. The students and teachers are able to visit the fair (hosted in the new gym) during their classes or lunch periods. The organizations set up booths around the interior of the gym. Students then roam the gym visiting booths and talking to the workers. Many of the people at the booths use free items to lure students to their booths, often times it works really well! Some of the organizations that were set up were: A door of hope, Mainline health care center, The Renfrew Center, and many more. The organizations picked specialized in subjects for teens, like eating disorders or physical therapy. I was able to visit the health fair twice and talk to some of the people. I got different types of free things too. A popular item was the squishy miniature dumbbell from premier orthopedics. Another favorite part of the health fair was the massage company. They give free massages all day! Everyone is always in line to get a massage. Another popular booth is A door of hope. Peope stand in line to spin their wheel and get prizes. My favorite booth at the fair was the therapy dog! He was so nice and I loved petting him. All in all, It’s an excellent opportunity to ask questions and get important information on subjects you’ll need to know later in life.

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