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The Music Man

by GVHSJagJournal
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Another Great show by the Garnet Valley Performing Arts, showcasing the story of The Music Man, from March third through the fifth.

The Music Man follows the story of Harold Holt as he goes to a small town in Iowa, where he attempts to con the town out of money by pretending to be a band director wanting to start one  in their little town. In comes Marian the Librarian, a quiet young woman who sees through the conman’s ways, and attempts to plot his crime from occurring. The story is much more complex, and the townspeople and the audience watch as a masquerade unfolds, with truth,an ending, that I personally had not expected to happen

My favorite part of the play was the scene in the library as the main protagonist of the story attempts to get the Marrian to go out with him. The facial expressions that the different characters in the play had were wonderful to watch, as the surrounding readers react to the couple’s play through the aisles. It was like watching an actual real life experience, besides the musical numbers filling in spots with joy and a way to express the theme of the story.

Having taken part in the stage crew from the previous performance of Footloose last November, I got a new perspective on how hard all members of the group works, from Mrs. Arters and her staff to the actors and actresses, and even the stage and tech crew. Behind the scenes of their fantastic shows, performers are racing to change outfits in time for the next scenes and children and people are directed left and right to organize a smooth transition that looks flawless and easy from the audience. I have gained a profound respect for all that take part in the work of the GVHSPAA and the wonderful productions they put on throughout the year.

This group brought home a great performance that really showed the emotion of the story and impacted the lives of those that watched the play. The life of Harold Holt and Marion were inspiring to watch as the conman changed the lives of the town and himself as he became an honest man with help from Marion.


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