Bringing Hope Home

Garnet Valley High School teacher Michael Ricci’s ninth grade High School 101 classes are contributing to the Bringing Hope Home with a class assignment to raise money for a family who needs financial help to pay their monthly bills. Bringing Hope Home’s founder Paul Isenberg began the program in 2008 after his wife Nicole Makowski died from Stage IV Hodgkin’s Lymphoma Cancer in 2003. Bringing Hope Home is a non-profit organization that accommodates local families with cancer with financial and emotional support; in addition to a one time grant to pay essential household bills while the patient is receiving treatment.

Each High School 101 class had to come up with different ways on how they can raise money. There were many different ideas of things that can be done like a bake sale at lunch, sell snacks at the High School’s annual Craft Sale, have a movie screening playing Polar Express open to students and adults, dance-a-thon, a student lock in, and a 5k run.

Even though, it is Garnet Valley High School’s first year of raising money for Bringing Hope Home, Mr. Ricci plans on doing this every year as a way for students to help their local community and to help others who are less fortunate.

Since starting Bringing Hope Home, this organization has supported over 2,700 local families with over $3.3 million dollars in assistance, and planning on helping many more families in the near future.

There are many different ways for someone to help contribute to Bringing Hope Home and to adopt a family. Such as signing up to adopt a family on Bringing Hope Home website or making a donation.

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