Garnet Valley High School has done it again! Another outstanding performance from the GVHSPAA in their production of Footloose!

I was Ren McCormack in the Thursday Night and the Saturday Matinee shows, and I have to say that Footloose will be one of the most memorable moments of my senior year. The highlight  of Footloose, as many would probably agree and remember the most was the energy of the cast. The songs were absolutely exhilarating and the choreography was a lot of fun to perform. We spent countless hours on the choreography, had the best stage crew to make it all come together, and an orchestra that was top-notch. All of that and the best volunteers who helped build the amazing sets and Mrs. Arters who kept us all on track to make sure that this play was going to be another classic GVHSPAA show.

There was so much to love about the play; however, I felt the best part of the play had to be the choreography and the songs. None of them were easy to pull off, but we had the best instruction and a willing cast to learn it all perfectly. There wasn’t one dance that didn’t have an excessive amount of energy and enthusiasm required; from the song Footloose to Holding Out For A Hero to Let’s Hear It For The Boy to the grand finale of Footloose! There was not one dull moment that occurred on stage.

Always a challenge in a play is getting the costumes right and the changes done with no time to spare.  It’s a live performance so no time to get tangled up in a costume change that you only have only seconds to do! The costumes and stage crew helping the changes were what ultimately made the show run flawlessly. Footloose takes place in the 80’s and one of the ways to bring you back in time is to dress like it! Hair was teased, “mom jeans” made a comeback, and going to gym in converse became a thing again. Yes, the play had a lot of quick changes but the best part was seeing the audience’s reaction when you have one outfit in one scene, then 30 seconds come by and we had a completely different outfit. The most difficult quick change, in my opinion, had to be the transition from the last scene of the play to the finale where I was dressed in a layback collar shirt with a tie, jeans, and black converse to a prom outfit with a coat, black pants, and the classic red converse. Not easy!

It was such an honor to play the lead in Footloose.  The part gave me the opportunity to express such a unique and diverse character who starts out not wanting to be in Bomont to falling in love in a rebellious, yet kindhearted girl and all the drama and personal issues he had to work through. I loved every moment of it and it will be an experience that I will truly remember.


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