Ray Goren: Songs For You

Ray Goren just recently released his new EP, Songs For You. Goren is a fifteen year old songwriter and multi-instrumentalist who discovered his love for music before the age of seven. He started playing the piano and guitar along with writing his own songs at a young age. His EP was produced by Grammy Award-winning artist Steve Jordan. He said that Ray is one of the most gifted artists he has ever seen and his talent at his age is mind blowing. Ray’s new album consists of five songs, his lead single is called “Those Days”. This song displays genres of gospel, funk and 60’s soul. The lyrics in the song talk about the struggle between peace and strife and how he sees the world today.

From the moment I started listening to his album, I fell in love with his voice. I did not know he was fifteen until I read more information about him; he is so talented for his age! It is not everyday that you see a fifteen year old boy playing all of these instruments and doing what heg loves. His album is different from any other album that I’ve heard and I love how he is different from other artists.

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