Garnet Valley Football: More Than Just A Game

The football season at Garnet Valley is more than simply football games and a scoreboard showing wins and losses. The students at Garnet Valley High School are brought together through school spirit, pep rallies, and community events such as Friday night football games. Weekly football games encourage students and their families to come out and support our football team and school district. These games are one of the most important events at Garnet Valley High School because they promote positive interaction between people of all ages. Many other school activities support the football program, such as cheer-leading, color guard, the dance team, and the marching band. The football program encourages a variety of student involvement, which goes beyond the football team itself.

While the Garnet Valley community is widespread, the high school is a main center of interaction, support, and connection to the district. Coach Ricci, head of the Garnet Valley football team, comments that the support from the community encourages the team to become successful in every way. “I love the fact that football is built around teamwork,” Coach Ricci said, as he described how the football team has learned to make mature decisions, and how players individually have taken values they learn from school and incorporated them into everyday life. According to Coach Ricci, the players have shown outstanding maturity throughout the season, and as a group they have improved by putting the team’s needs before their own.

Vince Lombardo, a senior football player at Garnet Valley High School, commented that  “the community has supported the football team and Garnet Valley High School in many ways.” Community support encourages teamwork, and this value inspires the players on and off the field.

There were many events this year during the football season that highlighted the positive connection between our school and the community. The Homecoming activities, such as the parade and Homecoming game, were extremely festive and fun, and the number of people from the community that participated was extraordinary. The excitement of Homecoming boosted the community’s spirits, and encouraged many people to support the Garnet Valley Jaguars and their hard work. Another important event this fall was the match between Garnet Valley and Conestoga; this game was exciting for the surrounding community, and dazzled the audience with an amazing firework display.

Assistant coach of the Garnet Valley Football team, Mr.Panepinto, states that there is a “great amount of appreciation of fans when watching a team work together.” Coach Panepinto believes that the community’s pride in their football team has influenced Garnet Valley school spirit and our students. “I think football is such a team sport,” Coach Panepinto states, “It forces the team to work together.”

The players’ teamwork is evident in their games, and the support of the community reminds us how great the Garnet School District is. As the football team demonstrates teamwork and encourages school spirit, the community comes together in support of their school and the many events that Garnet Valley High School participates in. Family, friends, and neighbors become united and stand together during the football season, recognizing their high school and football team as the center of Jaguar Pride. Football is more than just a game… It is a life experience that boosts school spirit, provides a sense of belonging, and brings the community together.

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