Bringing Thanksgiving Back

Thanksgiving is an important holiday that not only brings families together, but also reminds families of our history as a nation. Unfortunately, people all over the country seem to have forgotten about Thanksgiving,and they are skipping right to Christmas and the holiday season. The day after Halloween ended, people began acting as if it was the holiday season already. Videos on YouTube and songs on the radio have been playing Christmas songs and describing holiday decorations since the beginning of November. All throughout neighborhoods (that I’ve seen, at least), people are putting up Holiday outdoor decorations and Christmas lights. A few days ago, around November 10th, I already saw an inflatable Christmas Tree in the center of someone’s yard. My friends have been telling me their Christmas Lists since August. Sure, I love the holiday season as much as the next person. I love the warmth and happy atmosphere surrounding that time. But Thanksgiving is just as important. It is a tradition within families everywhere, and it is a time to put down our phones and connect with others. Other distractions, such as Black Friday, are also taking away from this holiday. We need to bring back Thanksgiving, and bring back the tradition that shaped our country.

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