People Coming Together After the Paris Tragedies.

Friday the 13th, 2015. It started off like any other ‘unlucky day’, and everything was going normal. No surprise hailstorms, no UFO sightings, and nothing to make it live up to its legend as “bad luck”. But then, late that night, the world shook after a series of consecutive terrorist attacks in Paris brought normal life to a grinding halt. More than 120 dead, and a countless number injured or missing, this truly is a tragedy that will be in future history books. Every channel, every website, every social media app was blowing up with live coverage of the chaos occurring in France. Another attack in the long list of terrorism that is slowly redefining humanity.

I am not going to talk more about ways we should eliminate terrorism or elaborate on what others are doing wrong. I am going to point out the one and only good thing that came out of this attack. A small shred of hope for humanity hidden behind a cloud of disgusted behavior felt towards our own race. I am talking about how the world came together that night and the days following, and gave us a sense of togetherness for a day or two. Red, white, and blue lights shined proudly on landmarks throughout the world, supporting Paris. On social media, almost every post or tweet said #prayforparis somewhere on it. The hashtag #prayforparis even trended on twitter (which means it was used very frequently) for two days straight. The best in people really does come out after the worst of times.

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