Bond Movie 24 Spectre

The 24th Bond movie Spectre was recently released on November 6th in the US. In Spectre, James Bond finds a cryptic message from his past and leads on a hunt to uncover an evil, ominous organization. The movie made $70 million on opening weekend. Not as much as Skyfall which came out in 2012, however, it made  an impressive amount. As of early November, Spectre made $117 million. 

There have been mixed reviews of the movie. I really wish I could say I’ve seen it, but unfortunately I haven’t yet. It apparently includes characters and their relatives from other Bond movies. Some people like the fact that it ties all the Bond movies together, but others think it’s pointless and confusing. Daniel Craig is obviously a more physical Bond. There are definitely some fight scenes,and I expect them to be fantastic because Craig is very believable in a fight. There has also been word of gorgeous scenery for obvious reasons. The movie goes from Mexico City to Morocco to Rome. Overall, it has done very well and should be another great installment in the Bond series, the longest movie franchise of all time.

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