December 6, 2023

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Raising Smiles Project

by GVHSJagJournal
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In my project, this is all about the prevention of bullying as it is seen all around. Around us, the world, and most importantly the Internet are places where bullying occurs. The Internet is one of the most common bullying tools that many teens use, which is called Cyberbullying. Many teens comment mean things to other person anonymously, believing they will get away with it. They are very wrong as now our generation of technology has been expanding rapidly, which means new ways to see what we are doing on our devices.

Cyberbullying is when someone is personally harassed, tormented, humiliated, and threatened. This affects many teens In a very negative way. Many will be losing their self esteem, using alcohol and drugs, poor grades, in person bullying, and skipping school. Bullying and Cyberbullying are very similar, but very different. Both is an harassment to someone. Cyberbullying is on the Internet, by posting very inappropriate pictures and comments of someone. It’s harder to get away from it than bullying. Since its on the Internet, it spreads more rapidly than if the person is bullying face-to-face. However,both are connected to each other.

Let me talk about the meaning of “word”. A word is a very meaningful element in writing and speech. A word is very important and very strong. I like the phrase, “The power is in the word. It’s so powerful, it either has a negative or positive meaning.” But, in both bullying and Cyberbullying. The power of the words, are negative.

They make fun of people’s race, skin tone, appearance, culture, and the one I see most common is their sexuality. Many girls or guys likes the same gender but they are too scared to come out because of how they see how gruesome our world has become. They know many are  quick to judge. Therefore, they are afraid to be hurt with the power of words. Nobody should live with that. Nobody should keep that inside them because it makes 100% of who they are. It’s them. It’s what determines their entire life and they shouldn’t be afraid to show it because of people who are so judgmental

Now I want to talk about race, skin tone, appearance, and culture since that ties together. This is kind of like sexuality, being ashamed of who you are because people hear these things about a race or a culture,and they quickly judge them. That is not okay because it’s offensive to others who care so strongly about their culture and race. Nobody should ever have to live in despair, too afraid to show who they really are. They are imperfectly perfect the way they are.

Bullying can cause many horrible events. The words that people put into someone’s heads haunts them until they believe they are true. Someone in such pain will do very irrational things such as committing suicide or harm himself. My outlook into the bullying, is the cruelty of the powerful words that is used to be so negative towards the person. We all know that all bullies have a back story, which explains their hatred towards the world and people. That is absolutely not okay for their unjust behavior. It’s not understandable why they have to put others down because they are having a difficult time or if they like to put others down because they think very highly of yourself. Calling somebody fat or ugly, doesn’t make one skinny or beautiful. It makes one into a person who people thinks poorly of because of the behavior and the pain one caused.

I don’t think I have even made myself clear that I have pure hatred to the phrase of “go kill yourself” that definitely does not make you a better person. We all question ourselves as the bully make our lives harder than it already is. Like, what did I do to deserve this? How do I handle this? Are those things they called me true? You asked questions to yourself and you don’t have answers which makes it much more harder on you. But, why should we let these bullies walk all over us? We are so much stronger than that.

The bullies words takes a second to say, but it’s hard to get over it after a while. But we shouldn’t let that happen because you are beautiful just the way you are no matter what they say. You have so much value In this world and I know it doesn’t seem like you do because the bullies tell you are not. But you have so much value and your very special. We all may be very different and coming from different worlds and culture, we still all are human beings that deserves to be treated with respect. It doesn’t matter if you have different religious beliefs, skin tone, clothing, and etc. We are all In diverse communities and we live in a different lifestyle but that’s what’s amazing about living in this world.

Anyways, no one ever should start bullying someone just because they are different from you. We take the words you say and we really let it sink in. It hurts being called something you are not and we start believing theme as its a repetition of words being said over and over again. We can’t let the bully destroy you and your self confidence and esteem. You are much more important than you think. Anyone who is bullying, think about the outcomes of your words that you say to someone. It’s your choice to be a good person and stop yourself or you torment poor people and you might be the reason of a cost life. Think about your unjust behavior and the pain you are causing to someone. Remember what you put online could ruin them.

Studies show that 15% of teens, skips school to not face the bullies. They don’t have an escape from it as the Internet is with them all the time. We also need to understand that bullying doesn’t hurt that person only. It hurts the family and friends of that person, watching them crumble in their eyes.

I’m here to help and make a stand that we can stop the bullying. Bullying is becoming more common and now it’s invisible in our eyes as it is now becoming an everyday thing. But, our pleading for the bullying to stop is not enough! The person who is being bullied is enough to stop and stand up for themselves. You need to stand up for yourself. There are two choices that you are the only one who could determine.

One is to stand up for yourself and don’t let the bully take over your life or two give up and take your life. It’s your choice but you need to really ask yourself, “Do I really want to take my life? Hurt the people I love the most and also won’t continue a life that will get better?” Ask yourself that and see what your answer is. Stand up for yourself. Nothing you do will be a mistake. Standing up for yourself may be scary but it’s worth it in the end. Giving up is not worth it at all. You are strong and confident. Your life is waiting for you. You’ll succeed if you don’t give up. No apologies. No regrets. No doubting yourself. No being scared or insecure. You are so much more than that. Nothing people says about you matters. Because you are you. The best you are.

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