The Importance of Halloween

Every year people of all ages get together on the illustrious day known as Halloween, whether to join in the neighborhood chase to acquire the most candy or to live it up at parties with friends. As we gather with each other for a common goal, we must also remember the importance of Halloween, and all other holidays for that matter. From the different parts of holidays, from love on Valentine’s Day to luck on St. Patty’s Day, we enjoy the aspects of life that define us as who we are as individuals. And while holidays usually serve a particular purpose, they also join together friends and families as a pivotal point of any community. To remind each other of the separate and sometimes hard lives we each live, we have something to celebrate and rejoice for; a little day of the thousands that pass during our lives to have fun and enjoy the moment. These days remind us not to get too caught up in the future or past, and to enjoy the things we have. So as we wake up each morning, we make sure to see the best in life, and to reach out and grasp it; when times get tough, remember that there will soon be a holiday to look forward as the future can be as bright as you make it.

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