Model UN Gets the Gavel

The GV Model UN team had a phenomenal showing at Temple University’s OwlMUNII on Saturday.  It was an amazing feat considering our new club is only in its second year of existence, and OwlMUNII was the third formal event the club entered.  Our GV students competed against well-over 200 students from 10 other schools, most of which have had MUN clubs for over a decade.

If you know the following students, please extend your congratulations:
1st Place in Committee (The Coveted Gavel)
  • Ian Heald
  • Jay Ganesh
  • Kevin Trabocco
  • Kyle Erwin
2nd Place in Committee (Outstanding Delegate)
  • Christine Wang
  • Cassidy Gallagher
  • Reena Benny
  • Gabriella Hensinger
3rd Place in Committee (Honorable Delegate)
  • Eileen Wang
  • Nick Smargiassi
  • Tori Husain
  • Serena Kothari
  • Julia Boznango
  • Jessica Kim
4th Place in Committee (Verbal Commendation)
  • Jake Samson
This showing is a testament to the hard work of these individuals, the GVMUN club officers who worked hard to prepare our team, and the overall educational experience our students receive at GVHS.  These kids were ready to write resolutions, follow parliamentary procedure, assertively debate their positions, systematically compromise when needed, understand the complex geopolitical workings of the United Nations, and most of all have fun along the way.

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