Jags Rally Late for a Shanfeldt Walk-Off Over Conestoga


A light breeze blew up some infield dirt as the Conestoga infielders took their pre-pitch routines. Lehigh commit Jeff Shanfeldt (Catcher) was up to bat with bases loaded. The pitcher stepped onto the mound, and got ready to throw. After going through his wind up, he threw the ball. Jeff took his step towards the pitcher and readied to swing. As the ball came in Jeff tensed, and swung. The bat made the sound of a solid connection with the ball, and heads turned to follow it’s path.

Conestoga had taken an early lead with their star pitcher, and UNC commit, Brendon Little in the midst of a pitching gem. The Jags had had some success with a few hits, but had failed to score going in to the bottom of the seventh. Jaguar’s Mike Bechtold was also pitching very well and went the whole game letting up only run. As the seventh began, Joe Sacht had a monster hit, however he got stopped short at first. Joe Busch came after him, and managed to bunt Sacht to second, but was thrown out at first. With one on and one out, sophomore stud Liam Bendo was walked. Dave Ellison came to the plate and was struck out. Two outs. Two on. Senior Steve Palis was next in the order, and all the pressure was on him. Palis, working Little to a full count stepped in to the box. The pitch was thrown and Palis roped a double between the center and left fielders scoring Sacht. Little was pulled, and as the scouts left, the pitcher warmed up, then proceeded to intentionally walk Ben Faso. Shanfeldt came up to the plate. He had bases loaded tied in the bottom of the 7th. These are the types of situations players like Jeff dream of. Confidently walking to the plate, Shanfeldt eyed up the new pitcher.

The pitch comes, Shanfeldt readies, swings. He hits a gapper right between Center and Left. The rest of the team rushes Jeff at second as Bendo scores. Everyone is elated, and cheers can be heard from all around. Lawn Chair Nation is excited and almost rushes the field. The mood settles down for a respectful, quiet handshake between the two teams.

With four home games left, Shanfeldt, and the rest of the team asks everyone to support, and to continue the tradition of Lawn Chair Nation along the first base line.

Final Score: Jaguars 2 Pioneers 1


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