December 6, 2023

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Tips On How To Prep For College During Your Junior Year

by GVHSJagJournal
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The best way to begin your college preparation journey is to start to think about which schools you would like to attend. If any of your possible choices interest you, it is a great idea to visit the campus, or speak with a representative at a college fair. Also begin to think about what career you would like to pursue, along with possible programs and majors in college. If you are thinking of applying for a job to save extra money for the near future; start building a resume including your school activities, academic achievements, and events such as a community service project. It is noted that most high school students take their SAT’S during the spring of their junior year, and fall of their senior year. If you are looking to get into a college that requires SAT scores as a part of admission, sign up to take your SAT at the College Board site. It is highly recommended from previous test takers to take a prep course. A prep course is offered here at the high school. Also, meet with your counselor to discuss your college path and where you might be headed. Also, talk with your parents about how you will pay for your education. It is a great idea to attend a financial aid presentation to learn more about the benefits of it.

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