NCAA March Madness

It is March, which means that March Madness in college basketball is in full swing for the NCAA. The NCAA Men’s Division 1 Basketball Tournament is a single elimination tournament in the United States. March Madness is one of the most famous sporting events in the United States ever since it was created by Ohio State University coach, Harold Olsen in 1939. The tournament is divided into four different regions whose names change from year to year. There are four number one seed teams including Duke, Kentucky, Wisconsin, and Villanova. There are a total of 68 teams and there are several rounds. There are the First Four, the Round of 64, the Round of 32, the Sweet Sixteen, the Elite Eight, the Final Four, and finally, the National Championship.

-Update: Duke sits atop the 2014-2015 tournament with a W against Wisconsin. Both Jahlil Okafor and Frank Kaminsky have declared for the NBA draft.

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